Bathroom Remodeling

Need ideas for your bathroom renovation? Let us help you turn your bathroom into a beautiful space. Limited spaces can prove challenging when it comes to design and renovation, and you may think you don’t have a lot of options. Think again! Our design staff will make sure you understand all of your options. Plumbing fixtures and storage space are your main concerns, but don’t forget colors and finishes to set the mood for your bathroom. Let our experienced staff guide you through your renovation and turn your bathroom into a place of relaxation.


No matter what your style is, Testo Kitchens Inc. is here to help you through the design and installation process to create a beautiful and functional bathroom you’re sure to love. Our four-step process breaks down your entire project from conception to completion. We carry multiple lines to suit your style and budget and will be there to help you decide on every finish, every fixture, and every piece of hardware. Whether you want to refresh your mirrors and tile, or knock down walls and remodel your bathroom from floor to ceiling, we are here to make your bathroom dream a reality!